3 Powerful Exercises to Use Masculine Energy More Effectively

3 Powerful Exercises to Use Masculine Energy More Effectively


Regardless of your gender, you’re a blend of both Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy. Masculine Energy serves as Power while Feminine Energy serves as nurture. 

Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

Masculine Energy is the direct, assertive and action-oriented force which is understood as Yang, while Feminine Energy, like Yin, is the nurturing, receptive and passive force. Both are two parts of the same whole, their energies merge and align towards accomplishing a single purpose. Yang would not exist without the Yin, just as it is impossible for men to live without women. Men can use Feminine Energy and Women can use Masculine Energy.

Below I will give you the 3 ways on how you can use the masculine energy to your advantage.

3 Ways You Can Use Masculine Energy More Effectively

  1. Masculine energy pertains to being a fighter or gladiator, taking action to get there, doing whatever needs to be accomplished, and pushing through no matter what the barrier is in the way to achieve triumph. And this is effortlessly achieved more by means of disconnecting from one’s emotional condition (even if you feel like completing the mission or not) and giving attention on the outcome and the ‘delight’ that will arise from the ‘triumph’.
  2. Masculine Energy is stimulating an individual to be more determined and tough. All of us commit mistakes, but it is the real masculine leaders who have the guts to make a quick decision, embracing the risk of failure, yet doing so whilst affirming in their masculine energy and conviction. Your action for today is to take action on an investment you have been considering.
  3. A Man Cave is often A Coward Cave – When situations are getting tough, or during times of quarrel, a lot of men ‘give up’ at the moment, and run away to their man cave. This merely creates more detachment and ambiguity for their partner. Why not reframe your man cave as your wimp cave? Try to develop the emotional strength and resilience to stay there with your partner during the times of quarrel. The mission is to grow the masculine emotional strength, to be the ‘rock’ and stability that your partner desires at the moment regardless if it is your fault or not. 

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About the Author:

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Educator at Australian Success Academy Pty Ltd, Shane Fozard is an Entrepreneur, strategic advisor and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of persuasion & influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on re-programming mindset for greater success in Health, Wealth & Relationships and how this relates to marketing, sales, business, leadership & personal growth.


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