6 Steps to Use Self-Hypnosis to Be More Disciplined

6 Steps to Use Self-Hypnosis to Be More Disciplined


Our biggest hurdle to being more Disciplined is dealing with the internal discomfort that we feel and our urge to distract ourselves away from this uncomfortable feeling.

What Is Hypnosis & Does It Actually Work?

Hypnosis & Self Hypnosis (which is really what all Hypnosis is!) has been shown to be scientifically effective in over 3000 studies worldwide, and yet, it still a largely misunderstood and highly under-utilised life skill.

Think of it like Meditation on Steroids but with a problem-finding, laser targeting system installed.

I’ve spent 10 years training thousands of people in Self-Hypnosis & Hypnosis so here are…

The 6 Steps to Using Self Hypnosis To Get More Disciplined:

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. First understand what hypnosis is and that is basically is a trick of the mind that creates an inner resourcefulness within you to create the change you want. If you don’t believe it will work, then you are right. If you believe it will work, then it will. It works the same way that you believe you have a problem. If you believe you have a problem, then you do, but if you don’t, then you don’t.

  2. Self Hypnosis is about self control. Allowing yourself to relax and get into a trance-like state. Like any skill, the more your practice this, the better you get at it…and again, if you think you are great at doing this, you end becoming great at it (see step 1)

  3. Start Small – Decide on one aspect of your life that you want to improve on, and create a positive hypnotic suggestion about this. e.g. “Every morning I wake up feeling energised and inspired” or “Everyday I find it easier to focus on high-value tasks” or “Everyday I embrace the discomfort of being more Disciplined” – Don’t make the suggestion too complicated, and only start with one suggestion so you don’t have to retain too much conscious connection whilst ‘under’ trance.

  4. Find a Relaxation Induction technique that you believe works best for you (Betty Erickson 123 Method, the Pinnochio Method, or the Head Up Breath Down Method or the progressive sleep induction or any others you find and like) to take you into that relaxed and receptive state of mind.

  5. Whilst relaxed, sub-vocalise your suggestion over and over and over, roughly 8 – 15 times, but don’t count. It doesn’t really matter how many times. Just do it enough to embed the suggestion into your unconscious mind. This could take 45 seconds or 3 mins. It’s up to you.

  6. Count Yourself out Progressively or just tell yourself to open your eyes feeling Alert and Refreshed.

That’s it.

Repeat this process for any other suggestions you want to work on, as often as you like.

Again, this all works really well, when you have developed the belief in your own ability to use Hypnosis to get resourceful and create the changes you want, so before you go too crazy with it and tackle your biggest problems in life, make sure you develop that belief in yourself and the process first.