7 Questions for Daily Emotional Training

7 Questions for Daily Emotional Training


Did you know that your emotions are like your muscles? Having flexibility, strength, control and range over your emotions is a life skill that gives you the advantage.

Here are the seven questions that will help you perform at your peak. And have you feeling all juiced up ready to just smashed out of the park.

Seven questions to develop your own Emotional Training

  1. What are you grateful for right now?

When you start to focus on what you’re grateful for, you can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude. Gratitude is an amazing emotion, an amazing feeling to start your day off with. Think about the three to five things that you can feel grateful for right now.

  1. What are you proud of right now?

What’s a recent achievement that you’ve made that you can feel proud within yourself? No matter how small or how big, find something that is absolutely amazing for the achievement you’ve made and feel proud. Give yourself a gift a feeling good about some of the work that you’ve done previously. It  gives you an emotional reward which for your unconscious mind. It is going to help you perform and put in just as much as effort next time to still get that same reward.

  1. What are you enjoying the most right now?

What is something you do that you enjoy the most? Focus on that because that’s going to help give you some clarity as to most likely what is one of your strengths, what are some of your passions. Because life’s too short not to do something that you’re passionate about. When you do something you are passionate about, it gives you energy you’ll just feel like you’re lit up every time you spend time doing it.  Start focusing on something you do that you thoroughly enjoy.

  1. What is something you are excited for?

What is something in the upcoming future moments that you can just allow yourself to feel excited for? How about prospects do you have, and the opportunities that are coming up? What are you just excited that could happen in your life that give yourself a gift of feeling that positive emotion, feeling the excitement? What does it magnetizes that future moment? It increases the likelihood of you being able to achieve it because now your unconscious mind has the kind of laser targeting system and it’s going to seek out that future moment that you’ve just now been visualising.  So go ahead and think about what is something you can be really excited for in the future?

  1. What’s something that you are just happy about right now?

What was the last moment you just felt completely happy with? Tapping back into that emotion, if you’ve had a hard day or a hard week or a hard month or a hard year, just try your best to find something that you can be happy with. Go back to that past moment, the most recent past moment that you just felt amazingly happy and just visualize it again. Just relive that moment and allow yourself to feel that happiness. Because what you do, your unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s really happening and what’s happening in your imagination. If you allow yourself to imagine that moment where you felt happiness, you’ll feel happier in the moment. Therefore you’re more likely to carry that emotion into a future moment as well. It helps you become more resourceful.

  1. Who do you love right now? Who loves you? What do you love?

Focus on who are the people that you love. See their faces. Dwell on all the experiences that you have. Think about who are the people in your life that love you. Imagine them – all the experiences you’ve had with them. Surround yourself with love just for a moment where you just imagine all the people you love and all the people that love you. Sit in that moment. Enjoy being surrounded by that love.

  1. Who are you contributing to right now? How do you contribute?

Identify what type of people, what range of people you are making contributions to. Big or small, collect and think about all the ways that you contribute to your friends, family members, your customers, your employees, your employer, your neighbors, whoever it might be or a random stranger on the street. Imagine all the ways that you contribute to humanity, whoever it might be, just know that you are making a difference out there. Whether how big or how small it does not matter, just imagine all the things, all the ways that you’re contributing to people right now.

The Emotional Training

The purpose of this exercise is the “Emotional Training”. What you are doing is you are tapping back into a range of emotions that helps you tap into those emotions throughout your daily life.

If you want to get great results on your life, it’s about having an emotional control and emotional discipline. It’s about knowing that you do have the power if you condition yourself to be able to turn on the right emotion in the right moment. The challenge for a lot of people is they just don’t feel like doing things, or they get angry easily, or they get hurt easily or they get upset easily or they feel lethargic. The people that perform consistently at their peak – they are not superhuman. What they have learned is how to focus and choose their emotions in the moment.

Emotional Training will help you to condition you to tap into those positive emotions so you can use them more frequently in your daily life.

So many people carry repressed and trapped emotions. Why not do yourself a favor? Learn how to develop discipline, control and strength in choosing your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you!

I would love to hear feedback from you.

Feel free to join our Hypnosis and Emotional Training Live Workshops. Let me know what worked, what you need to refine further!

About the Author:

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Educator at Australian Success Academy Pty Ltd, Shane Fozard is an Entrepreneur, strategic advisor and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of persuasion & influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on re-programming mindset for greater success in Health, Wealth & Relationships and how this relates to marketing, sales, business, leadership & personal growth.


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