9 Best Books on Learning

9 Best Books on Learning


I compiled a list of the top 9 best books on Learning across both Goodreads and Amazon, based on their Ratings and the number of ratings…

…on the topic of LEARNING.

9 Best Books on Learning

Ranking Book Title Author Goodreads Rating Goodreads Reviews Amazon Rating Amazon Reviews
1 Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Carol S. Dweck 4.05 108,447 4.6 10,487
2 Deep Work - Cal Newport Cal Newport 4.18 96,292 4.6 9,489
3 Mastery Robert Greene 4.25 31,093 4.7 4,624
4 Brain Rules John Medina 4.00 31,498 4.6 1,145
5 The Talent Code Daniel Coyle 4.03 21,682 4.7 2,243
6 The Art of Learning Josh Waitzkin 4.04 16,951 4.4 1,724
7 Make It Stick Peter C. Brown 4.15 13,232 4.7 1,936
8 Ultralearning Scott H. Young 3.92 8,730 4.5 1,706
9 Mindshift Barbara Oakley 3.91 1,326 4.6 256

I have personally read:

  • Mindset – Popularised Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset & how to be more open to learning.

  • Deep Work – Help you remove distractions so you can do your highest value work/learning

  • The Talent Code – Shows you how you can ‘learn’ to develop Talent.

And I agree that these books are amazing and should likely sit in the top 5.

I’m keen to knock over ‘Mastery’ & ‘Brain Rules’ in 2022.


What books have you already read?

Which ones do you intend on reading soon?

What books do you think should be included in the list?

Interested in ‘Deep Work’ but don’t have time to read it right now?

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