Create Your Own Million Dollar Idea

Create Your Own Million Dollar Idea


Have you heard of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Are you familiar with Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant?

Would you like to package up your content so that it becomes memorable, and easy to use?

What Makes An Expert’s Message Memorable?

Each one of these experts, understood one thing. In order to help people understand their principles and make it memorable, they had to find a ‘system’ to use. They created a Key Iconic Solution System. A model that is KEY to their teachings, ICONIC in both name and how it is displayed, it provides a SOLUTION to a problem (e.g. How to become Highly Effective, or how to increase wealth) and it’s a SYSTEM that synthesises their concepts into a easy-to-follow model, that anyone else can easily learn & teach.

In the one day Public Speaking Masterclass, ‘Unleash Your Inner Speaker’ you will learn how to package up what you know, how you can help people solve a set of problems, creating your own Key Iconic Solution System (KISS).

Robert Kiyosaki

Your Ideas Can Make You Millions of Dollars

When you create your own KISS, this is what most people don’t realise, that in a moment, you will understand…

The most valuable commodity in the current Information Age, is your knowledge. Your ideas and expression of your knowledge is, in legal terms, referred to as your own intellectual property. Your KISS becomes your intellectual property. It’s an asset that you can leverage by creating books, audio programs, live events and even licensing agreements whereby other people pay you a fee to train your content. Your Million Dollar Idea!

The 6S Learning System

When Quality Is First, Marketing Is An Easy Second

Using Steve Job’s advice “that doing something with the highest quality, doing it right the first time, would really be cheaper than having to go back and do it again.” as a guide, it’s important to start by PACKAGING up your knowledge in the most valuable way.

Once you create a WORLD CLASS KISS, not only does it make it easier for your people to learn your content, not only does it become an asset, not only does it become your intellectual property, and not only does it become more memorable, but it also means the marketing of your product/service becomes much, much easier.