How I planned my 2022 in 45 mins with these 7 Steps

How I planned my 2022 in 45 mins with these 7 Steps


We all want the next 12 months to be better than the last 12 months, right?

The biggest obstacle to achieving the goals we set out for ourselves is that we aren’t clear on what those goals are, and because we don’t have complete clarity, we have vague intentions, that become vague plans…and often inaction.

There is a tendency for all of us to avoid hard work. At a psychological level, it’s when our brains are required to think so much, expending extra energy, that the lazy part of us tries to convince us to avoid doing.

This is called Cognitive Tension & Discomfort.

Just think how many times you had the best of intentions to do something (because thinking how amazing you’ll be in the future is easy to do), but then when it comes to the day of taking action, you find reasons or excuses or stories to believe that avoids taking this effortful action.

  • There is no denying that Goal Setting works.
  • There is no denying that having regular focus on what you goal is, keeps you on track with your progress.
  • There is no denying that our memories are fallible and we can easily lose track of time, if we aren’t clearly measuring it.

This is why we designed a Goal Setting System that was quick, low-effort, but effective in setting goals, giving clarity as well as helping to make a mindset transformation as well.

How I Planned My 2022 in 45 mins with these 7 Steps…

To begin with, my wife and I combined all our knowledge into a system of steps to give ourselves a roadmap to creating & planning our year.

This system consisted of:

  1. Year in Review: How to review the past 12 months to extract the wisdom & lessons to empower me into the next 12 months
  2. Holistic Life Audit: How to assess the most important areas of my life quickly to strategise where to focus my time & energies
  3. Identity-Based Transformation : How to transform my mindset and self image powerfully to align with my intentions for the year
  4. Setting & Planning Goals: How to Set Meaningful Goals complete with a roadmap of action to take to ensure they are achieved.
  5. Top 5 Habits: How to simplify my daily routines to focus on the 5 most important habits that will compound over time to my bigger goals.
  6. Weak Moments Recovery: How to prepare for the inevitable ‘weak moments’ that will test my discipline & my resolve…and how to win over these moments.
  7. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Tracker: How to keep myself accountable, holding myself to my higher standard, and use Habit science daily to progress consistently.

How did I plan this so quickly?

When undertaking each step, I gave myself an external time pressure. Each step HAD to be completed within 5 mins.

This time-pressure forced my mind to be decisive and avoid the ‘analysis paralysis’ tendency, because I upheld my commitment to put pen to paper before the time ran out.

Some of the rules for doing this successfully were:

  • Focus on progress not perfection – I knew that my quick answered wouldn’t be ‘perfect’ answers, but I also knew that getting something down on paper was better than not having anything down on paper.
  • Leverage – I had to choose to invest the effort, time and discomfort of going through this process for 45 mins, in order to have a much better year. I chose to make that ‘pact’ with the universe. “OK, Universe, I’m going to invest in myself right now, to show you that I will earn that results I see through clarity, commitment and resilience.”
  • If you get stuck, skip it and keep in flow – It was important that I don’t overcomplicate the process, and get overwhelmed with details or specifics. It was more important to stay in flow as much as possible and complete the entire system.
  • Refine it later if you want – This ensured that I was able to focus on completing the goal setting system without judgement about quality or perfection. There is so much wisdom that is gained from completing a process even if it wasn’t done perfectly, instead of doing only a few steps perfectly and never finishing.
mindmap of the 7 steps to plan 2022 in 45 mins


I’m now in my 7th day after using this goal setting system, and I have made significant progress towards my goals. My self image has improved, because I know that I am honouring my own sense of self-worth by holding myself accountable, and having clarity in where and how I use my time.

I feel a stronger sense of Self Leadership, leading myself each morning to take control of the day, instead of letting my lazier tendencies to be in the drivers seat.

I’m not perfect at it, but the great thing about this system is that each day, you have a set of fundamentals to come back to, to ‘course-correct’ and get back to feeling in control, with clarity, direction, commitment and excitement for what you can produce today.

Interested in following our system, “Your Best Year Yet”?

The book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, has a great quote;

We don’t achieve to our true potential. We achieve to the potential of the systems we follow.

‘Your Best Year Yet’ is a system that combines neuroscience, psychology & proven, goal-achievement principles into a 45 min process.

At the end of this process you’ll have:

  • More clarity on what your goals are
  • More commitment to who you need to show up as on a daily basis to achieve your goals
  • An understanding of how to use the power of identities to your advantage and why this is a faster way to overcome limiting beliefs
  • A clear roadmap of what your BIG goal is, what MILESTONES to focus on next, and the smaller STEPPING STONE tasks that ensure your goals are actually achieved.
  • A ‘Setback Recovery Plan’ to help you deal with the inevitable setback and failures that happen along the way to achieve what we want in life.
  • A Weekly & Monthly Tracker that you use daily to keep yourself accountable and on task for achieving your goals.

Feel free to check out ‘Your Best Year Yetnormally $197, which is available now for only $49.