How to Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Refreshed

How to Wake Up Each Morning Feeling Refreshed


Waking up refreshed each morning is such an important skill to cultivate, because waking up feeling drained, lethargic, tired, grumpy, annoyed, or anything else other than energised, excited and inspired for the day ahead, will make it harder to have a great day.

How you wake up depends on a few factors, some of which are biological and some which are psychological, such as…

What you do 2 hours before going to bed…

  • Avoid sugary or processed foods – Sugar has been shown to disrupt your natural immune system response as well as elevate your blood sugar levels at a time when your body is preparing or will be asleep and rejuvenating.

  • Avoid ‘cognitive demanding’ tasks – Making your brain work before going to bed, doesn’t give it time to naturally ‘wind down’ therefore can reduce the quality of your sleep or even make it difficult to get to sleep.

  • Avoid sitting in brightly lighted environments – Again bright lights trick your brain into thinking it’s day time and prevents it from winding down preparing for highest quality sleep.

  • Avoid watching blue-frequency emitting devices – Some electronic devices, including small LED lights emit a blue-light frequency that mimics daylight and can confuse your brain into thinking it’s day time. You might still get to sleep but the quality of your sleep may be impacted.

  • Avoid doing ANYTHING else in bed other than sleep & sex (no tv, no phone/device usage) – Learn to condition your body and mind that ‘laying in bed’ equals sleep. Avoid confusing your brain by doing anything else in bed other than sleep or sex.

  • Set the intention for HOW you want to FEEL when you wake up and at what TIME – There is a lot to be said for how we can re-program our minds and change our experience using Auto-suggestion or Self-Hypnosis. You don’t need to do anything other than set your intention for HOW you want to feel when you wake up and envision (mental rehearsal) what time you want to wake up.

What you do when you wake up…

  • When you wake up, get straight out of bed. – Again, getting out of bed immediately after waking up trains your brain to avoid snoozing, as well as developing a positive association to waking up and making the most of your day, instead of the, often, bad habit of trying to sleep in and trying to delay your day’s start as much as possible.

  • Use the first 20mins after waking up to ‘prime’ your mind – watch/read/do something inspiring/personal growth focused – Your brain is highly susceptible to influences during that first 20 mins of your waking day, because you are transitioning from Sleep Brain waves into Awake Brain waves. It’s a natural hypnotic state. Carefully choose what influences you want to get installed into your mind at this important time.

  • Eat clean unprocessed food as much as possible – Eating clean prevents your body from ‘fighting’ your food. Whatever you eat will either be ‘assimilated’ or ‘eliminated’. By eating clean and unprocessed foods, your body doesn’t need to redirect energies into ‘fighting’ and ‘eliminating’ toxins, impurities and unnatural compounds. This is a part of Energy Management at a cellular level.

  • Drink 2L of water each day (1L by midday) – Water (or as I like to call it ‘Magical Sky Juice’) has been shown to make you think better (makes you smarter), helps you move better, helps you stay healthier, etc. There is something to be said for the ancient wisdom that every single animal on the planet over millions of years has thrived by drinking water. Maybe it’s time to stop drinking processed drinks and go back to what brought every species to this point. Learn to fall in love with water.

  • Exercise sometime in the morning to kickstart your body & mind even more. – Exercising in the morning kickstarts your body and mind producing a cocktail or neurotransmitters and hormones that help you perform better throughout the day. Exercise also helps you sleep better at night, and keep your body (which is your vehicle for life) serviced and functioning.


Develop A System that Helps You Re-Learn These Desirable Habits…

The book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, has a great quote;

We don’t achieve to our true potential. We achieve to the potential of the systems we follow.

To make things easier for you when learning to change your behaviour you want to have a system to follow. Something that you can keep visible and helps you stay accountable, as a reminder in those moment when your ‘lazy brain’ tries to convince you to go back to those old ways of thinking and being.

‘Your Best Year Yet’ is a system that combines neuroscience, psychology & proven, goal-achievement principles into a 45 min process.

At the end of this process you’ll have:

  • More clarity on what your goals are
  • More commitment to who you need to show up as on a daily basis to achieve your goals
  • An understanding of how to use the power of identities to your advantage and why this is a faster way to overcome limiting beliefs
  • A clear roadmap of what your BIG goal is, what MILESTONES to focus on next, and the smaller STEPPING STONE tasks that ensure your goals are actually achieved.
  • A ‘Setback Recovery Plan’ to help you deal with the inevitable setback and failures that happen along the way to achieve what we want in life.
  • A Weekly & Monthly Tracker that you use daily to keep yourself accountable and on task for achieving your goals.

Feel free to check out ‘Your Best Year Yetnormally $197, which is available now for only $49.