‘Indistractable’ – Top 10 List – Book Summary

‘Indistractable’ – Top 10 List – Book Summary

I read this book, Indistractable by Nir Eyal at the start of 2021 and again just recently just coming into 2022. I found it was a great way to keep myself accountable and aware of my own tendencies to avoid discomfort through using my phone (Reddit, FB, IG, Marketing Stats, Amazon…always something).

Who’s this book for?

This book is great for anyone that wants to become more productive and/or less addicted to their devices/technology.

Complimentary Books:

Some of the books that compliment and support an improvement in productivity, as well as better emotional regulation towards discomfort, that I have previously read are:

Here are my top 10 insights from the book:

  1. Things you do are either a DISTRACTION from what you truly want or they create TRACTION towards what you truly want.
  2. Staying focused and not being distracted is really about managing pain – the pain of discomfort. It’s in moments of discomfort such as boredom, mild anxiety or uncertainty that we turn to our devices for relief.

  3. You cannot control the outcome, but you have full control over how much time you put into something.

  4. Each morning you want to review your core values to use these as a guide for your daily actions – Real fulfilment & happiness comes from working in alignment with your values. Suffering comes from working misaligned from your values.

  5. You will have set backs and challenges, so use self-compassion to acknowledge what you have achieved so far, to build up more resilience to overcome the temporary failure.

  6. Anytime you lack motivation and face a difficult task, remind yourself that this is just a TEMPORARY lack of motivation and will power and that these feelings will return as they ebb and flow.

  7. It’s important to become more aware of your own auto-piloted tendencies to become distracted. Distractions are even more likely to occur during transitional moments between meaningful tasks.

  8. It is not devices or technology or the internet or even social media that is the problem. The real problem is our own lack of ability to self regulate through the feelings of discomfort and being able to surf the urge to get distracted instead of giving in to the urge.

  9. the Fogg B-MAT Behaviour model consists of; Behaviour = Motivation + Ability + Trigger | Your behaviour will be determined by your level of motivation, the ease in which you can perform that behaviour and being triggered to start the behaviour is some way.

  10. Using Timeboxing as a means of having focused ‘Indistractable’ periods of time throughout the day.

In conclusion:

I’m still not perfectly ‘Indistractable’ but I am more consciously aware of these tendencies and behaviours, and the book has given me a set of fundamentals to come back to as a way of resetting my intention to be more ‘Indistractable’ again tomorrow.
I’ve now created a 22 minute super learning meditation experience, embedded with hypnotic affirmations and memory principles…inspired by this book, which is available at Booknotic, with a 7 day free trial.