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What Interests You The Most?


Here is the collection of programs designed and run by Shane

E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program

Follow the 5 Steps to Becoming an Alternative Health & Wellness Expert with your Own Signature Online Program, supported by an Automated Marketing & Sales System.

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Neuro Quantum Conditioning Certification Program

Develop a deeper understanding & application of Mindset, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and Personal Empowerment.

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E-Hypnotherapist Launch Pad Program – Certification Only

Get trained and certified in Traditional Hypnotherapy & the most modern form; E-Hypnotherapy.

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[FREE] Laser-Like Clarity

Every Business Owner needs to realise that Clarity Precedes Success. Be a Laser with clarity on your Market, Your Mission & Your Message.

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Your Best Year Yet – Goal Setting & Achievement Program

Using a combination of Neuroscience, Psychology & the science-based Goal Setting Principles in a Fast System to Make Your Year Bigger & Better

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Shane Fozard

Specialising in Mindset, Hypnosis, Marketing & Automation

“Hey, my name is Shane and I describe my specialised knowledge as a blend of Hypnosis, Optimised Learning, Systemisation, Marketing, Automation & Business.

I’ve held roles in corporate leadership positions and as a business analyst, before transitioning into becoming a Hypnotherapist, then a Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, and then finally launching my own signature programs and businesses.

I understand what it’s like to work in a job, wishing there was something more meaningful to life.

I’ve made that leap of faith from the security of a job into the unknown of following your passion and dreams.

I’ve failed many more times than most people which has contributed to my success.

I’m passionate about making highly impactful, overly complex concepts as simple as possible for others to learn.

My mission is to help anyone that has an open mind and open ears, to learn more about themselves, find the inner power & confidence to follow their passions and create a freedom lifestyle from doing what they love, with abundance and fulfillment. That is my main objective. That is what excites me each and every day.

Reach out to me if you think there is something I might be able to help you with.”

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80% of Your Success Depends On Your Mindset

The results you create, the habits you do & the emotions you feel, all reflect your mindset.


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