The One Thing Gary Keller Book Review

The One Thing Gary Keller Book Review


You have goals, dreams, and priorities. Have you completed them or at least one that you promised to yourself?

If you are interested in improving your productivity, getting rid of the feeling of overwhelmed and making meaningful changes in your life, read on. Here are some deeply practical insights and solid takeaways in the book – The One Thing by Gary Keller.

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

In the book “The One Thing”, the author Gary Keller who’s the co-founder of the largest Real Estate company in the world shares his highly effective approach to reducing distractions, making strategic decisions and being focused and more productive where it actually counts the most.

What You Should Learn

In this book, you’ll learn

  • how to cut through all the noise and busyness of daily life
  • how to find the core crucial tasks that will actually help you achieve better results much faster
  • how reducing your overall stress will help you preserve and improve your energy levels for all those other important areas of life like family, friends and having fun as well.

Now if you already feel like you’re so productive, there is no room for improvement, and don’t want to take your life to the next level, just bypass this book. This is not for you.

But if you truly are honest with yourself and you know that there is another level of performance for you to reach to, if you know that there are more efficient ways for you to work or if you are stressed out or you are feeling overwhelmed, then this book is going to be a beacon of reassuring light. It shows you how to simplify and focus your efforts more effectively.

One of the most valuable light bulb moments I received from this book was learning to ask myself a quality question of:

“What is the one thing that I need to do that will make all other tasks unnecessary or easier?”

start to work smarter

I’ve found that by asking this question, it helped me to stop getting busy and start to work smarter and more strategically instead of getting distracted by lower priorities.

Learning these common six lies that result in people being stressed or ineffective with their time was another light bulb moment for me.



These six lies are:

  • Thinking that all tasks have the same level of importance instead of realising that some points are more critical than others
  • Thinking that you can multitask instead of actually having a single focus in each moment.
  • Thinking that you need to use discipline all the time instead of actually using discipline to develop a habit and then letting your autopilot take over.
  • Thinking that you have access to will power of any time of the day instead of realising that you actually less likely to do things at the end of the day as opposed to starting off the day so want to load up new habits at the start of the day.
  • Aiming for a balanced lifestyle – Instead of accepting strategic imbalance in order to create outstanding results and excellence
  • Thinking that you should set small goals and then setting large goals and challenging your thinking and you’re action-taking to stretch yourself to achieve it.

The Three Commitments

The last light bulb moment that really hit me was living your life based on three commitments:

  1. Purpose – Purpose is about something that creates limitless energy and passion within you that is going to keep you going even when you feel like times are getting tough or you might feel like giving up.
  2. Priority – Priority is all about setting goals and them then breaking down and then doing the one thing that will make you all other tasks easier or less important.
  3. Productivity – Productivity is about blocking out your time to plan and to relax and to do the one thing each day ensuring that you eliminate and reduce all other distractions.

The “The One Thing” is an excellent book for anyone that wants to reduce stress or anyone that just wants to work smarter rather than just working hard.

How Long Will It Take You to Read This Book

On average, most people read approximately 180 words per minute. This book has an average of about 11 words per line and approximately 30 lines per page so that is a total of 330 words per page on average. Now there are 225 pages so that equals to 74,250 words in the book. And so you divide that by 180 words per minute and it takes approximately 6.8 hours to read this book. So if you read 30 minutes a day, then you will likely get through this book in about 13-14 days. Overall, I’ll give this book an eight out of 10 because it is written very simply and it is easy to understand and it will actually boost your productivity and encourage you to be more organized in your time and in your energy.

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About the Author:

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Educator at Australian Success Academy Pty Ltd, Shane Fozard is an Entrepreneur, strategic advisor and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of persuasion & influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on re-programming mindset for greater success in Health, Wealth & Relationships and how this relates to marketing, sales, business, leadership & personal growth.


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