The Principles of Duality & Sexual Energies

The Principles of Duality & Sexual Energies


Folly & Wisdom
Lie & Truth
Sorrow & Joy
Failure & Success
Masculine & Feminine & Energy

Did you know that our exceptional ability depends on our capacity to tap into our Masculine & Feminine Energy within each of us? 
Regardless of our gender, each one of us has the compassionate, graceful, patient, and nurturing energy that can be tapped into. We also have the maneuvering, caring, and masculine energy.

Folly is not better than wisdom.
Lie is not better than truth.
Sorrow is not better than joy.
Failure is not better than success.

Both are necessary to conceive as a whole. This is the intrinsic law of duality.
However, people are getting out of balance with their energies. They are failing to adopt and accept the whole. Rather, they are deeply twisting too far into one energy, red-lining, like a car that is over-revved with the accelerator stuck to the floor!

So, what are the reasons behind these malfunctioned levels of one particular energy and what does it look like?

(There are generalisations – thus, constantly, there are exceptions to the rule…)

  • Anyone who is raised by Dominant Father/Mother/Brothers/Sisters may have been taught to be in their feminine energy and struggle to know any different. 
  • An individual who is antagonistic, authoritarian, confrontational has a tendency to be in an area of the malfunctioned masculine.  
  • Single parents are obligated to provide their kids with assurance, confidence, being the guardian, the superior and accommodating every challenge thrown at them. Perhaps, they are ‘enforced’ through necessity into the Masculine Energy and stay there. 
  • Anyone who fulfills his job expresses his emotions is prioritised below ‘getting his job done’. He is probably conditioned to be in his masculine quite a lot (Majority of jobs!) 
  • Someone that has a long-term victim mentality, or is known for telling people the ‘poor-me’ story is inclined in a malfunctioned feminine energy realm. 
  • In terms of relationship, you wish to adopt and accept this duality, in the same manner, that Magnets need both Sorrow & Joy. In a relationship, preferably, you like a masculine energy partner with feminine energy (regardless of gender or sexual preference). You MUST have this distinct polarity so as to create ignite and infatuation!
  • Depolarisation of the relationship is one of the most universal reasons for conflict and break-down in relationships.
  • Two Masculine Energies in a relationship result in intense conflicts and quarrels.

conflicts and quarrels

  • Two Feminine Energies in a relationship result in feeling like close friends yet not much infatuation.
  • Balancing, and being supple enough to use Both Your Feminine Energy & Masculine Energy in the right situation, in the right context is a vital element of life, which is why this is one of the deepest steps in our 6-step Honeymoon Feeling Forever System™. We would be happy to teach them at the Relationship Success™.

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About the Author:

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Educator at Australian Success Academy Pty Ltd, Shane Fozard is an Entrepreneur, strategic advisor and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of persuasion & influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on re-programming mindset for greater success in Health, Wealth & Relationships and how this relates to marketing, sales, business, leadership & personal growth.


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