You are the Hero…You Need a Guide

You are the Hero…You Need a Guide


You, the hero, are embarking on a journey to change lives, create more income, and have a better lifestyle.  

But you doubt yourself because you’ve experienced failure before or maybe you’ve been told that you are too young, too old, too dumb, too poor or too something else.

But you have hope, and every ‘hero-in-the-making’, needs a GUIDE

The right guide…

  • A guide that can teach you the transformational skills…
  • A guide that can teach you the business skills…
  • A guide that can teach you marketing skills…
  • A guide that can teach you how to transform yourself to be prepared for it all.

This is perhaps the common mistake many other want-to-be heroes make – They find a guide who can teach them transformational skills, but then fall flat because they don’t know how to find clients, how to make money and actually do what they are passionate about.

Imagine how you will feel as an E-Hypnotherapy Hero…

  • changing hundreds of lives
  • working smarter online
  • earning a really good income in 4 – 6 weeks time, with multiple income streams
  • being your own boss

benefits of e-hypnotherapy

E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program

In our E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing Program, we: 

  • Train & certify you in becoming a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy & E-Hypnotherapy. 
  • Teach you the business systems & financial models to ensure you run a profitable business. 
  • Train you in the latest Marketing Principles, Social Media Marketing Strategies and understanding consumer psychology better than most marketing professionals. 
  • Support you and give you the opportunity to clear out your own self-sabotage patterns, doubts, and fears, because you are the captain of your ship and you need to be in the right mindset for success.

If you would like to know more about our 12 Week E-Hypnotherapist Certification & Marketing program, please contact us today.

About the Author:

Mindset Coach, Mentor and Educator at Australian Success Academy Pty Ltd, Shane Fozard is an Entrepreneur, strategic advisor and international speaker. He has studied and observed the psychology of persuasion & influence for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on re-programming mindset for greater success in Health, Wealth & Relationships and how this relates to marketing, sales, business, leadership & personal growth.


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